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11 Aug 2015

[REVIEW] A Little Obeah Goes A Long Way

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ByBlacks Rating: BBBB 

24 Jul 2015

Honey Jam Reveals New Artists For 2015

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On the 54th floor of the TD Tower, a fresh batch of talent gathers for the launch of Honey Jam Canada – a concert celebrating its 20th anniversary.

20 Jul 2015

[REVIEW] My Walk With The Postman

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ByBlacks Rating BBB

08 Jul 2015

[REVIEW] No Topic Off Limits In Remount Of Secrets Of A Black Boy

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ByBlacks Rating: BBBBB 

04 Jul 2015

[REVIEW] Grade 8 Brings Home Glowing Report Card

Written by

ByBlacks Rating: BBB 1/2

30 Jun 2015

Blockorama 17 Topped Pride Weekend

Written by

Undoubtedly, Blockorama 17 may have been THE event of Pride 2015. Not even a deluge of rain could keep these revellers away.

18 Jun 2015

[REVIEW] The Front Room

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ByBlacks Rating: BBB The Front Room is a Jamaican play written by Aston Cooke and produced by Marcia Brown.

18 Jun 2015

Here's What You Missed At The InspiraTO Festival

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After 5 years off the theatre stage pursuing a career in film and television performance, I came to the InspiraTO Festival as an actor in the Blue Show installation of Last Night at the Paradise, a ten minute show written by Elektra and directed by Annemieke Wade.

22 May 2015

Prince & 3rdEyeGirl Funked Toronto Up

Written by

We all have a handful of musicians that we consider to be a must-see throughout our lifetime.

26 Apr 2015

HOT DOCS PREVIEW: They Will Have To Kill Us First

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In just under two hours, ‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ reminds us why we should care about Mali, that Islam jihadists are not representative of the Muslim people, and that art is the heart of any nation.

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