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02 Jun 2018

How Rejection Can Be The Push You Need to Head Into The Right Direction Featured

We have all been rejected. Whether it be by a lover, friend, or a job, rejection has forced us into new and sometimes frightening territories.

At first, it may seem heartbreaking or disappointing because we were counting on it - the relationship or career move- to work out because we saw it in our minds so we expected it to become a reality. At some point in time, we had all of our 'eggs in one basket', so to speak, that we could not imagine or think that it is not possible for it not to go our way. But after being rejected, how many of us can honestly admit that we realized we were actually better off. We later realized that the rejection was a blessing in disguise that built us and prepared us for bigger and better opportunities.

The benefits of rejection may not be seen right away. It may even take some time - days, months, even years -but when they are realized, it takes you back into a moment of "Wow, now I understand." Rejection can really save you from situations that may be a potential threat to your physical and/or psychological state. The key is not to take rejection personal. It happens to all of us. We need to start changing the way we look at rejection, change the way we process being rejected. Look for the lessons in the rejection, the messages hiding in plain sight.  

Taking these lessons learned and message received moments into account, it is important to reflect in the meaning of being rejected. Embarrassment aside, consider the positives in the rejection and be honest with yourself about it. If it is a job you really wanted, perhaps follow up with your qualifications and your skills. Do they match the job duties? If so, it may just mean that a better opportunity is right around the corner for you. You not being selected for that particular position and/or company is not a reflection of you and your worth, it is just that your experience was not a fit at that time. If rejected by a potential mate, oh well. There is plenty of fish in the sea. It may also mean that you two were not a fit at that particular moment.

Things to remember:
Do not be afraid of rejection
Own who you are and be proud of yourself
Stay away from weak-minded thoughts and actions
Continue to show off your success and experience

Rejection goes both ways. You will be rejected and you will reject people and situations as well. There is no harm in rejection. Again, it happens to all of us. Use the lessons as motivation to strive for better. If you are not constantly putting yourself out there, you are not providing yourself the space, the opportunity to grow and learn who you are and where you want to be. Rejection will prepare you to know what it feels like to win.

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