15 Apr 2018

Finding Customers May Be Easier Than You Think With LinkedIn Featured

Finding the ideal customer for your business does not have to be a stressful process. You can create a systematic and efficient process that will allow you to find higher quality leads.

On LinkedIn, you can build community, be intentional and let your ideal client know what it is that you can do for them.

Who To Follow

If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform to be on. Gone are the days of this being just a job posting and seeking tool. Use LinkedIn to connect with individuals who may be more likely to require your services, or refer you to those who do.

Do you just follow and connect with those just for the sake of doing so? You can be more intentional on LinkedIn.

A realtor can follow other realtors, mortgage brokers, bank managers, contractors and home stagers. A professional headshot photographer can use LinkedIn to search for business owners, senior managers, and those actively seeking employment opportunities.

How To Search For your Ideal Audience

Looking for business owners? You can find them using LinkedIn's search bar with those keywords. Your results will be individuals with the title of businesses owner in their description.

Connect Directly

People are more likely to accept your connection requests if you include a short direct message. It may sound like a lot of work, but it isn't and it is worth it.

• click on the name
• click the blue connect button
• customize your invitation by clicking add note
• write short message
• send message

Always be sure to include their name within the message and bonus points if you include something about what it is they do. Also, do not forget to thank those who have connected with you.

Curate Niche Content

Share content- however, not like you would on Facebook or Instagram. This is your opportunity to share posts about what interests you in your field, a blog post or services from your website, events or workshops you are attending or participating in. You can also share video.

Show that you are the expert in your field by writing articles. You can repurpose your blog posts by sharing them within LinkedIn Articles and add your professional information at the end of the post such as your website and what you do.

LinkedIn allows you to share your posts to anyone on or off LinkedIn and Twitter or just your connections. When you post content, it may be shared. This increases your visibility and the opportunity to connect with more people who could be interested in what it is you do.


When you share a post or an article that someone you are connected to wrote, you give that individual the opportunity to be seen. No matter what platform you are on, social media is about being social. Always remember that it is equally important to share, comment and like if you appreciate what you have read.

Are you on LinkedIn? How do you use it to network for your business?

Dee Boswell-Buck is the founder of Boswell-Buck Creative. Her company empowers business owners to boost their visibility, engage with their ideal client and increase sales using online strategies. She is certified in Social Media and Digital Marketing. More info at: http://www.deeboswellbuck.com


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