12 Jan 2020

Brutal Beating Case Of Dafonte Miller Resumes January 29th Featured

PRESS RELEASE by Black Action Defence Committee: The trial of Toronto Police Constable Michael Theriault and his brother Christian Theriault, charged in the brutal beating of 19-Dafonte Miller, knocking his left eye out causing it to be surgically removed and breaking his jaw bone, orbital bone and wrist, among other injuries will resume in Oshawa Court on Wednesday, January 29th 2020 at 9:30 am for submissions.

All the evidence was heard during the lengthy trial in October and early November. This is a case that involved the most outrageous conduct of a Toronto Police officer and the cover-up by both the Durham Regional Police and Toronto Police. The perpetrator’s father was a senior officer in Toronto Police Professional Standards Branch and helped in covering up this incident and failed to report it to the SIU as the law required them to do. Startling evidence about the abuse and the unprecedented cover-up was revealed in the trial. After the hearing on January 29th, the case which is being tried by Judge alone because the accused believed they would obtain a more favorable outcome, will end and the Judge is likely to reserve his judgment until in the Spring.

The Black Action Defence Committee is encouraging community members and all citizens who find this case repugnant to their values to come out to the Durham Regional Court, located at 150 Bond Street East, Oshawa ON L1G 0A2 to support Dafonte Miller and the Rule of Law and Principles of Justice in Ontario and Canada. We would like a significant representation on January 29th and encourage people of goodwill from all backgrounds to make every effort to attend this final hearing in support of Dafonte Miller and the System of Justice in Ontario, which is also on trial in this case.

Contact: Kingsley P. Gilliam Director of Communications for BADC Cell 647- 267-1774

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