20 Apr 2020

    Chef Philman's Recipe For The Perfectly Seared Salmon Featured

    Just in case you missed our Instagram Live with Chef Philman, and hosted by Ryan Hinkson (Eat Famous), here's the recipe straight from Chef's kitchen!

    Pan-Roasted Atlantic Salmon | Sweet and Sour Ginger Braised Purple Cabbage | Smokey Chili Lime & Coriander Butter

    Atlantic Salmon

    Pat dry and season both sides with salt & pepper 

    Heat a heavy bottom pan with enough oil to coat the surface 

    Once the oil is hot, carefully place salmon into the pan and flip once seared (roughly 1min) 

    Turn down the heat, cover with a lid and continue to cook until desired doneness is reached 

    Smokey Chili Lime & Coriander Compound Butter – Yield 4oz 


    1 stick of butter (4oz) – room temp 

    1 tsp crushed chili flakes, or chili powder 

    1 tsp smoked paprika 

    2 tsp chopped coriander 

    Zest of one lime 

    half a lime – juiced  


    Place butter into a bowl and add the remaining ingredients 

    Mix thoroughly with a spatula   

    Roll into a cylinder (check YouTube for how to vids) and place into the fridge before slicing into coins

    20200420 Chef Philman Seared Salmon RECIPE 900x538pxSweet & Sour Ginger Braised Purple Cabbage


    3 cups purple cabbage sliced 

    1 tbsp ginger, minced ½ cup white vinegar 

    2 – 3 tbsp sugar 

    1 -2 tbsp of your favourite cooking oil 


    Heat large sauté pan, with oil medium-high

    Add in ginger and stir for a few seconds before adding in the cabbage 

    Maintain medium-high heat while stirring the cabbage.  

    Once cabbage begins to soften add in the sugar and vinegar 

    Cook until desired doneness is reached. 

    I like mine a bit crunchy so about 5 -7 min of cooking is good for me.

    Finish with salt and pepper.


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