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01 Feb 2016

Food To Fuel Your Body

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With the longer nights and shorter days, more often than not our energy is lower than what it is during the sunnier months.

15 Jan 2016

When Did We Become So Cynical About New Years Resolutions?

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We have just started a new year and I keep hearing these talk show hosts/comedians making fun of people who still make them, assuming that they are going to fail. 

14 Jan 2016

What You Never Knew About How To Moisturize Your Curly Hair

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If someone were to ask me what is the number one key to healthy hair my response would be moisture.

24 Dec 2015

Food Bullies Are The Worst This Time Of Year

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It’s the holiday season. It doesn’t matter your religion, you can’t escape it. And it seems like over-indulging in food and drinks is expected of you.

24 Dec 2015

Healthy, Meat Free Options for Your Turkey Table

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Over recent week I've been searching for recipes that would be great additions to the turkey table that bring something different to the table.

10 Nov 2015

Getting To Your Happy Place

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I have been thinking about what to write this month for my fitness article and for some reason I keep coming back to one repeated warning that my parents drilled into my brain. 

27 Oct 2015

6 Tips To Keep You Flu Free This Season

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How often have you said or heard someone say "there's something going round"?

15 Oct 2015

Why Don't Black Women Exercise?

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Yes! Let the cussing start. But it’s true, so let’s just be real about it.

22 Sep 2015

A Very Veggie Gumbo

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While browsing on the good procrastination-book recently, I came across a blog about the importance of getting large amounts of vegetables into your diet.

10 Sep 2015

Boobs, Biceps and Sweating It Out

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So I’m at the gym minding my business in the free weights section.

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