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07 May 2015

My Mother Was My First Personal Trainer

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I’ve trained with many trainers, fitness instructors and coaches throughout my life but my mother was my first personal trainer, because she taught me to love exercise.

20 Apr 2015

Top 3 Running Injuries And How To Prevent Them

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Looks like spring has finally arrived; the skies are blue, the sun is shining and there are runners on the road. Yes, its that time of year when many decide to lace up the sneakers and hit the pavement.

16 Apr 2015

Who Doesn't Love A Snack?

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Is there anyone out there who doesn't love to take a few minutes in between meals to indulge? Something small, maybe even just a few nibbles, with just enough punch to tie you over till you next meal.

10 Apr 2015

Skinny Fat And Why I Dance In My Underwear

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Let’s just be clear. Skinny is not normal for most people, though it is for a select group of individuals. If we only watched and listened to mainstream media I would understand why you would think that everyone has the opportunity to be skinny if they just work hard enough.

27 Mar 2015

Combating Injuries From Your Devices

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We all know the benefits of technology; it helps bring down production costs, it makes communication easier, and helps us become more efficient at many complex tasks and processes. But it seems, these advancements may have come with a cost to our general health.

16 Mar 2015

How Do I Know What My Calling Is In Life?

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“To what are you called?” This is something my mother would often ask me and others growing up. She’d look you straight in the eye with a deadpan stare, the eyebrows artfully painted on her face raised high, and ask, “Is God calling you? And if so, to what are you being called?”

11 Mar 2015

Smoothies & Superfoods

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This month's idea came from being so very over winter and all that comes with it. The cold, the snow, the countless layers, the heavy food, the sluggishness and even the hibernation.

01 Mar 2015

Does Cold Weather Really Affect our Joints?

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How many of us have that aunt or grandparent who believes they can predict the weather based on the amount of discomfort in their knees or hands? Well, there just may be some truth to their claims. 

18 Feb 2015

How To Fall In Love With The Gym

Written by

Since Valentines day just passed, I wanted to talk a little bit about love. I Love exercise. Some may say I’m addicted. I love it mostly because I’ve been exercising my whole life so it’s just a part of me.

15 Feb 2015

Healthy Winter Comfort Food

Written by

When it comes to food, winter represents delicious, warm, heavy comfort food.

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