What We Dig Serves The Inside Scoop On The Authentic Mexican Fare At Maizal Featured

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What We Dig Serves The Inside Scoop On The Authentic Mexican Fare At Maizal What We Dig Today
We found Maizal after watching a game of rugby at Lamport Stadium. Walking into Maizal, you are greeted with a beautiful mural that is an homage to creating tortillas.

We were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon what seemed to us like family-run and very quaint establishment. The question remained, with so many Mexican cuisine establishments in Toronto, is the food at Maizal good though? The answer is, HELL YEAH, it's amazing.

Why? Everything is done with care. That means soft, made-from-scratch in house tortillas, organic vegetables and other carefully selected complementary ingredients. If the food and decor are not enough to satisfy you, then the service will definitely win you over. The caring aspect of Maizal can be felt even with the staff who treat you like a guest visiting their home.

Hospitality, beautiful interior, and awesome food left us feeling blessed to have experienced Maizal.

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