11 Jun 2017

Selling In The Summer

June is here and finally so is summer. The real estate market will be entering one of its busier times of the year.

Most people prefer to buy, sell, and lease in the summer as it is an easier move with a plethora of homes on the market and plenty of buyers looking.

If you are looking to sell (or lease) your home this summer, here are some tips to outshine the competition and attract your ideal audience. You can now take the time to fix all the things on the outside that you were unable to do all winter long.


Use the nice weather to your advantage and make sure your property has the most curb appeal on the block. Make sure your lawn is always mowed, put out some small but effective lawn decor, plant some flowers, make sure small cosmetic issues have been addressed around the house (chipping paint, loose wires/covers, peeling materials). Most of these things are quick and easy, cost effective ways to make your house stand out from the rest.

Pressure Wash Your House:

Give the outside of your home a makeover. You would be surprised to see the difference a good wash can make on your house. Your whites will look whiter, your brick will appear newer. Dirt and debris will be removed along with any other build up that is on the house. Even your home needs a good scrubbing every now and then to help work against future wear and tear. This can be done by yourself or a professional and can range from $50 (yourself) and up (professional).


Utilize the good lighting from the sun. Open blinds and curtains so that your potential buyers can see how much sunlight your home gets. Allow it to accent spaces that you want to open up. When taking pictures for your listing and for showings allow the natural light to highlight spaces in the home.


There are also some additions and replacements that will assist in getting your house ready for summer.
Decks - Depending on its size, and what you currently have in your backyard, even a small deck addition can work wonders for its look, in addition to increasing the overall value of a home.
Windows and Doors - Replacing old doors whether it be side, front or even garage, can be done for relatively cheap, but make an impressive difference to the look of your house.


When you are doing showings in the summer it is pertinent to be more flexible with your hours. Daylight savings has more buyers out and about longer now so capitalize on as many eyes on your property as possible. A side note is to also keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level so that people can enjoy looking at your home as opposed to wanting to look through it quickly and get out as fast as possible.

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