05 Jun 2018

Summer Decor Trends To Make Your Home Feel Brand New

Personalizing your home with decor is one of the most exciting parts of homeownership. The summer season is a great time to add some finishing touches or even completely redecorate your space.

If you’re looking for something fresh, here are some decor trends to help spruce up your home for the summer of 2018.


Fringing, tufting, tassels and feathers – you name it, it's here for this season and you'll see it on cushions, wall hangings, throws, rugs and accessories. Things like beautiful tactile cushions on the sofa, a throw with tassels on the bed, or a wall-hanging or two on plain walls add interest and a handmade feel to a room.


This year it's all about geometric patterns tiles, wallpaper and art. Seen here is a bold design being used to striking effect. But these aren’t tiles. It's actually a specially designed decorative membrane that is so watertight it can also be used directly on the walls of a shower or as a kitchen backsplash.



With increasing news of its health benefits, the humble houseplant is fast becoming a must-have in home decor for every room. Use hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces and some lovely leafy beauties for bare corners and coffee/side tables. Pair them with some lush green pieces like this charming armchair, stylish pendants, a textured rug, or some stripy green cushions.


Indigo Blue:

As a complementary trend to the popular pastel tones is inky blues. If painting a whole room in one of these shades seems overwhelming, then simply accessorize instead with vases and flowers. Pick different shapes in a mixture of styles such as coloured glass and embossed stoneware, like these seen here.


Meaning 'to shade', ombre is one of this season’s biggest trends. You’ll see ombre in many different forms, from fabrics to cushions, rugs to bedding, and in a painterly watercolour style on lampshades, artwork and furniture. If you don't feel brave enough to try painting the pattern onto your walls yourself, you can use wallpaper. Once you have chosen your colourway, coordinate your accessories to complement the wall colours using a mix of solids and prints.

Glittery gold:

Last year the metallic trend started to filter through into paints and metal finishes. This year gold is the key colour. Softer than silver, it brings its own elegance and a sense of decadence. You'll see gold detailing in hardware like door knobs and handles, lamp bases and picture frames. This sideboard, mirror and pendant stand out well against the dramatic dark walls, and the bold electric blue chair adds a classy pop of colour.

Color Pop:

Bold pops of colour is one of the strongest trends happening this season. This trend is all about mixing bright colours together. It's strong, but easily manageable if you have one or two main colours to start with that 'ground' the rest of the look. As shown here, it's the blue bedding and the neutral walls. The cushions, rug and curtains bring a zingy element to the scheme as well as the yellow light and the orange panel. Use textures to layer the look and don't be afraid to team patterns and stripes together.

Shimmery Floors:

A new concept for carpets – shimmer! Perfect for spring and summer, this new range has an iridescent finish that catches the light and can be teamed with shimmery wallpapers and decorative paint effects. This pretty blush rose colour is great for this new season and looks beautiful with grey and pale blue.

Ceiling Pop:

The ceiling is usually one of most ignored places in the home when it comes to decorating. Now the home’s topmost surface is making a major statement. Whether painted a bold hue or dressed in patterned or textured wallpaper, bamboo matting ceilings are becoming prime eye-catchers in every room.

Big Art:

Gallery walls certainly still have a place in our hearts, but betting it all on a single statement maker can also have massive impact. An abstract landscape with electric hues is an instant show stopper and can play well in a neutral space in addition to one with complementary brights.

Industrial Chic:

With distinguishable features such as exposed brick, distressed finishes and polished concrete, the industrial trend is set to be popular this summer. This year will see a fresh twist where simple crockery sets and minimalist statement lighting is common.

Relaxed Rustic:

A mix of weathered woods, natural materials, and contrasting earthy tones are all featured in this rustic trend. The fresh wild flowers in vintage-inspired mix-and-match vases and distressed furniture pull the concept together nicely.


Happy decorating!

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