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07 Feb 2018

12 Things Highly Successful Purpose-Driven People Do Differently

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I've been researching the habits of highly effective (purpose-driven) people and one thing that stood out was this: no one had a perfect ride to their "successful" moment or story.

05 Feb 2018

This Toronto-Based Graphic Designer Brings Luxury To Everyday Items

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Happy Black History Month, y’all! We wanted to pay tribute to the amazing Black Canadian creatives, content creators, and influencers who are doing their thing and doing it remarkably! To that end, we reached out to the immensely talented Sophie Taylor.

02 Feb 2018

How To Plan The Perfect Galentine's Day For You And Your Besties

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Galentine’s Day is a thing, ok! And we love it.

28 Jan 2018

Bout That Life: What I Learned From Swingers At Jamaica's Hedonism Resort

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I've always thought that marriage or a serious relationship consisted of two individuals. Person A meets Person B. They court, they get married, they have 2.5 kids, and they buy a house with a white picket fence. Standard. Traditional. Boring? 

23 Jan 2018

We're Engaged! Now What?: 3 Essential Decisions To Jump Start Your Wedding Planning

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“Oh my god! I just got engaged!” Whether your engagement comes as a total surprise or you are kind of expecting it, when it happens you are on cloud nine. But, once you come down from that euphoric high, reality hits.

22 Jan 2018

Don't (Pink) Slip: What You Need To Know Before Terminating An Employee

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Managing employees is a common challenge for many business owners. Even a single employee can have a significant impact on your business’ success, particularly if you are running a small enterprise.

14 Jan 2018

The Nightmare Trip To A Dream Destination

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Hellllllllooooooooooo Hawaii! I can't really say that Hawaii has always been on my radar. I figured it was nice there, but I had no clue how many islands there were, things that I should do etc. The only thing that I really knew was it was going to be expensive. So let me start out by saying, if you are looking for a budget vacation, I'm gonna kindly ask you to keep flying right past Hawaii!  I was going to write a separate post about my experience trying to get to Hawaii. I would have titled it 'You Are The Devil…

14 Jan 2018

How To Attract The Right Investor

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As 2018 is starting off, many people are thinking of pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor. The biggest obstacle that many face is the question of how to finance their business.

14 Jan 2018

Fab Four Shares Their New Year Goals

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The ladies of Fab Four Fashion are excited to bring you another year of living out loud fabulously and fearlessly. Here's a look at how each of these women are upping their game in 2018.

03 Jan 2018

Hot Or Not - How To KickStart Your Sex Life

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One of the biggest complaint in a relationship after the honeymoon period is that someone is not in the mood.


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